60th Year Celebration
60th Year Celebration

The Electronics Division is manned by a team of senior engineers with exceptional knowledge and hands-on mastery over contemporary technologies in Military, Telecommunications and Cyber-Physical systems (Industrie 4.0 systems).

While the Division meets the company's in-house needs of design, develop and integration of complex missile & related systems on the one hand, it also has a substantial track record of independently designing, developing, manufacturing, integration, testing and validation of a number of unique products which have proven very effective and have earned the approbation of customers in the armed forces and the DRDO.

Design & Engineering

  • System conceptualisation
  • Mechanical Design
  • Microcontroller and FPGA based embedded
  • Hardware Design and Development
  • Board Bring up
  • Firmware
  • Algorithms & Software

Capabilities & Technologies

  • Product & Sub system
  • Test rig design
  • Time Operating Systems
  • Embedded C and Verilog or VHDL RTL coding
  • Standard Bus Protocols I2C, SPI, USB & Ethernet
  • Backplane Busses PCI, PCIe and VPX
  • Avionics Data Bus Mil std 1553