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Airframe Division manufactures various types of riveted and welded airframe sections for aerospace vehicles using Aluminium Alloy, Titanium Alloy, Maraging steel and 15CdV6 materials, ogival contoured riveted nose cones, cylindrical sections, wings, control surfaces and space frames are the main products of this division. SEC has established the technology of applying of Thermal Protection coating on airframe sections.

Primary Airframe Structures - Riveted
Product Nosecone Assembly, Cylindrical sections.
Materials Aluminium and Titanium.
Primary Airframe Structures - Wings
Product Control surfaces, Bi-panel Wings.
Materials Aluminium & Titanium.
Construction Bi-Panel, Honeycomb, Fully scooped, CNC machined and checked on 3D CMM.
Special Airborne Products
Hypersonic vehicle Riveted Aluminium & Titanium structure with foldable wings.
Electronic Pod Light weight Aerostructure to house multiple antennae for surveillance
Air Launcher Aluminium Alloy airborne device for launching air to air missiles.