60th Year Celebration
60th Year Celebration


What sets us apart from run-of-the-mill companies is our innate ability to design, manufacture, test & commission custom-built equipment and special-purpose machinery for a variety of applications which epitomises the synergy between our design and manufacturing teams.

What began as an in-house initiative to meet our internal manufacturing requirements extended into other multi-disciplinary products.

Some of the notable achievements are

  • Baro-vacuum chamber
  • Planetary mixer
  • Stretch forming machine for production of ogival structures – built from concept, installed in our works, tested and has been in operation for over eight years.
  • Tracking Radars - SEC Industries is proud to have manufactured the country's first indigenously developed LRTR.
  • Space Vehicle Container - Designing to End product.
  • Airborne Launchers.
  • Aircraft Interfacing Equipment.
  • Aircraft Loading Trolleys - Built from concept to End product.
  • Pod assemblies - Designing to End product.
  • 4 Axis Integration Jig - built from concept, installed, tested, commissioned, operated and handed over.