60th Year Celebration
60th Year Celebration


Over the years, we have, as mentioned here under built up a range of in-house testing facilities and equipment based on the needs of the customer and the product.

In many cases, we have designed the testing tools and fixtures from the specs provided by the customer.

  • High-pressure testing facility (Hydraulic/Pneumatic)
  • Proof-load testing
  • DPT
  • MPT (Fluorescent–Yoke Method)
  • UT
  • Radiography (NAS 410, Level I & II certified personal)
  • Strain Gauge Facility
  • Hot, Cold and Humidity chamber
  • Vibration test machine
  • Bump test machine
  • Armour room
  • H.P. Air boosting system
  • H.P. Air Storage
  • Arbitary function generator
  • Scope corder
  • Insulation tester digital
  • Dew point meter
  • Load cell
  • Digital gauss meter
  • Pressure transmiter
  • Micro hite
  • 3D CMM
  • Profile projector