60th Year Celebration
67th Year Celebration


Over the years, we have, as mentioned below, built up a range of in-house testing facilities and equipment based on the needs and specs of the customer and the product performance criteria.

  • High-pressure testing facility (Hydraulic/Pneumatic)
  • Proof-load testing
  • DPT
  • MPT (Fluorescent–Yoke Method)
  • UT
  • Radiography (NAS 410, Level I, II & III certified personal)
  • Strain Gauge Facility
  • Hot, Cold and Humidity chamber
  • Vibration test machine
  • Bump test machine
  • Armour room
  • H.P. Air boosting system
  • H.P. Air Storage
  • Arbitary function generator
  • Scope corder
  • Insulation tester digital
  • Dew point meter
  • Load cell
  • Digital gauss meter
  • Pressure transmiter
  • Micro hite
  • 3D Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
  • Profile projector