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Dontineni Seshagiri Rao Charitable Trust


The company is deeply committed to the cause of social well-being-of its employees in particular and the larger society in general.

To this end, the company has established a trust named "Dontineni Seshagiri Rao Charitable Trust" which has implemented a number of programmes designed to provide significant value added benefits to the employees and to mitigate the hardships faced by them and others in society:

  • Subsidising / paying for the educational expenses of the children/wards of employees by paying the entire fee or part of it based on a matrix which takes into account various aspects of the employee - his/her attendance, efficiency & commitment and also on the academic performance of the child/ward.
  • The company provides this support to the children/wards of needy and deserving non-employees as well based on a study of their background and merit.
  • Providing health insurance cover to employees.
  • Providing cool drinking water to all passers-by during the scorching summer months.
  • Providing free fodder on a regular basis for cattle which are bred for ritual / religious purposes.


Our Trustee(DSR Charitable Trust) Mr. D. Vidyasagar distributing the scholarship to the needy

Few beneficiaries of DSR Charitable trust